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The fields of study within STEM are everchanging and this club offers the opportunity to explore a multitude of different areas of focus. During this after-school club, students come together to work on in-depth, student-led, lab-based projects that span across the fields within STEM. In this club students face challenges such as designing a robot to clean up a chemical spill or engineering a haudrualic/pneumatic arm to pick up foreign objects or assessing the water supply after a toxin has been detected by the local agency. 

ECA Ambassadors

The Early College of Arvada Ambassadors are a group of seniors who not only embody the school’s motto of “wonder, work, and wisdom,” but bring those values to larger communities in a variety of service projects. The journey in becoming an ECA Ambassador begins in the summer before senior year. Each ECA Ambassador is required to volunteer over the summer to a local charitable organization or service.

This year ECA Ambassadors volunteered at Groundwork Colorado, Open Trails, Habitat for Humanity, and the Denver Food Kitchen among others. Also, as part of their application, ECA Ambassadors had to reflect on the role of the leadership and in its potential impact both locally in the community and globally. Ambassadors are also required to maintain a high GPA as well as consistent high standing in their classroom and campus citizenship.

Science Olympiad

All grade levels come together to celebrate STEM leadership, innovation and brainpower through preparation and competition style accomplishments. Working collaboratively to support their peers, students cross-train in building and exam style events, hone laboratory and experimental skills and accomplish given tasks using various means of technology. CLIMB sponsors student engagement in events such as the regional and national Science Olympiad competition so students have the opportunity to showcase their hands-on, minds-on learning in a constructivist manner. Science Olympiad helps ECA to contribute towards building a technology-literate, college bound workforce that will change the way STEM education viewed.

ECA On the Move

A dynamic effort to engage students in personal and institutional goal setting and achievement through physical movement, team building and individual resilience. CLIMB is partnering with ECA on the Move to encourage students to take a leadership role in fundraising and working towards improving the science, service and humanities centered academic resources available to all ECA students. Students have created a strong physical community that trains together, supports one another and works towards building partnerships with the surrounding community through sponsorships and activities. ECA on the Move and CLIMB are committed to whole-person education that strengthens the body, mind and soul by participating in whole-school community efforts and goals.

Student Council

The student council at The Early College of Arvada proudly serves all members of the student body in the effort to create a safe, inspiring, and fun school experience. We strive to create governmental structures and practices that promote accountability and communication, in order to act as a responsible liaison between students, teachers, administrators, board members, and staff. We ensure that student voices and perspectives inform the present and future of our school. Finally, we follow the words of educator and leader James Boggs in suggesting that, through our student government processes, we are “ … preparing ourselves to use that all-around capacity that only human beings have: to think about the society we live in, determine what will advance our society: and then join with others to make the politically-conscious and socially responsible decisions that will help mold and shape our society in the direction that we believe it should go.”