The student council at The Early College of Arvada proudly serves all members of the student body in the effort to create a safe, inspiring, and fun school experience. We strive to create governmental structures and practices that promote accountability and communication, in order to act as a responsible liaison between students, teachers, administrators, board members, and staff. We ensure that student voices and perspectives inform the present and future of our school. Finally, we follow the words of educator and leader James Boggs in suggesting that, through our student government processes, we are “ … preparing ourselves to use that all-around capacity that only human beings have: to think about the society we live in, determine what will advance our society: and then join with others to make the politically-conscious and socially responsible decisions that will help mold and shape our society in the direction that we believe it should go.”

Students, remember to contact your class reps with any ideas, concerns, visions, or dreams for the school.


President: Kyle Weishaar

Vice President: Cesar Chacon

Treasurer: Xander Bradeen

Event Coordinators: Tyler Russell, Chelsea Wilson, and Amber Hall

Class Representatives:

12th: Cassandra Porter and Coco Chanel Padilla

11th: Paul Navarro and Xander Arney

10th: Jermaiah Sawaqed and Destiny Duran

9th: Fernando Gomez and Karely Natividad-Ramirez

Faculty Advisor: Dr Bell