2017: Achieving New Heights

Offering opportunities that bring impact and change


2017 CLIMB GOALS: elevating student leadership 

Cultivate leadership through innovation, movement and brainpower. CLIMB is where the sciences meet the humanities through service. Building on student tenacity and resiliency that blossomed during our training and participation in the 2016 Colfax race, 2017 is focused on elevating our students into natural leadership positions. To start the year off, ECA introduced our first after school STEM program through a partnership with STEM Scouts. The program allows students to participate in extensive, multi-week labs that explore the hottest areas of research within STEM fields. 2017 has also seen student led initiatives to help out within the local community and within our school community.  After school science and math tutoring as well as an in-house high school and college level writing center are all student developed and student led programs new to ECA this year. The strength of our student leadership is not bound by the physical walls of the school.  Students are participating in after school tutoring programs for a local elementary schools, individual community service projects based around student interests and passions, as well as hosting cultural nights and events that reach out to all of the families within our school community.


2016: The Colfax Marathon

We ran to raise $2600!

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2016 CLIMB Goals: Colfax Race series


We are The Early College of Arvada and CLIMB, and we ran one mile at a time to reach our goal of $2,600. This is why we ran.

We ran to support the construction of a STEM lab that would service every student that walks through our doors.    

We ran to meet our professional community neighbors; building partnerships to offer innovative curriculum and experiences that teach to our students as future pioneers.

We ran to build the cultural force of movement and health among our educational family.

We ran to foster new friendships and relationships with other local charities within our community.

We ran to build upon our strengths and experiences from the past, helping us achieve new heights in the future.



2016 CLIMB to Colfax connection

Cultivate leadership through innovation, movement and brainpower. CLIMB is where the sciences meet the humanities through service. We are educating to the whole person and building future leaders by strengthening the communities they are a part of. Our students and staff choose to challenge themselves by participating in the Colfax race series. Colfax is a race that spans several cities and runs through countless neighborhoods in the area surrounding ECA. Tens of thousands of people came together to accomplish a physical goal, uniting over 30 nonprofit organizations all working towards a cause greater. CLIMB chose to partner with the Colfax Marathon and other smaller local races to provide an opportunity for students to discover and explore their true personal goals and limits. Students set process oriented goals and take ownership of developing a plan and routine in order to achieve their desired end product, reaching the finish line. Student dedication that was required during training built focus and personal discipline; skills that are transferred to their everyday actions through a relevant and worthwhile task. Tenacity and resiliency are products of a powerful group of individuals working towards challenging themselves and supporting each other. CLIMB and ECA partnered with Colfax because our students have stepped up to the physical and mental challenge of personal growth and perseverance, working towards an finish line that has no limits.



Challenging yourself and supporting each other.

In our efforts to raise $2600, we were able to offer an additional science course to ECA students. We were able to expand our science curriculum to include an introduction to college level physics. The funds raised were also used to purchase Vernier Lab Quest systems and lab glassware so that we are able to provide our students with the highest quality science education experience possible.