In 2015, The Early College of Arvada established CLIMB, a high school-wide leadership effort with the mandate to “engage the global challenges of tomorrow through innovative and ethical action today.” In pursuit of this mission, CLIMB empowers ECA students to put into practice the knowledge and values cultivated through the sciences and humanities. 2016 has brought new after school programs and community engagement to help students go further in their mission for leadership.

CLIMB supports annual programs and activities designed to promote engagement with the communities of Arvada, metro Denver, the state of Colorado. Visit our clubs and courses page to see how students are making a difference.  

The director of CLIMB, Dr Danielle Ladd, is a chemistry professor and science teacher at ECA. A triathlete, avid hiker, and native of Westminster, Colorado, Dr Ladd identified early in her tenure at ECA the incredible character and innate curiosities of her students.

From teaching chemistry lab classes at Arizona State University to building a lab and testing facility at NanoVoltaics with the focus to remove arsenic from local drinking water, Dr Ladd has always believed science is something you learn by doing.

Over the next three years CLIMB is committed to building a foundation for a budding STEM program. Our goal is simple: The Early College of Arvada, a 501(c)(3) wants to build new science labs that will reach across middle school to college level courses. These labs will allow students to engage in cross curricular learning through math, science and engineering, increasing student access to higher levels of scientific inquiry and practice. We seek to raise $5,000.00 or supply donations of scientific and engineering lab equipment. We also are actively looking for community partnerships where we are able to bring relevant learning experiences, experts and internships into our classrooms. 

Through each step, CLIMB is ensuring that generations of ECA students to come will have the necessary tools to probe the universe and follow their passions.

I love the curiosity, drive, and focus of our students. They give me the reason and passion to teach. They also give me hope. Hope for our future. They want to be part of the change. And most importantly–they want to work for it.
— Dr Danielle Ladd, CLIMB Director

The Early College of Arvada’s success in preparing students with the work skills and wisdom to succeed in college and beyond has been recognized by colleges, universities, and prestigious scholarship programs. CLIMB builds from this foundation and further empowers ECA students to expand those horizons.

Dr Ladd is assisted by Dr. Nusz and Mr. Conrad, who serve as faculty and administrative advisors for CLIMB.